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NOTE: You install extensions on your own risk! The extensions from the site below have not all been thoroughly reviewed or tested. Further, keep in mind that not all Open Officve (OOo) extensions may work with Libreoffice.

1. Download an extension from LibreOffice Extension Center

2. Open LibreOffice and go to ToolsExtension Manager ...

I need to export.pps,.ppt,.ppsx, and.pptx files to swf files. In Windows I used iSpring for Power Point, and worked well. I am searching for an add-in for Libre Office Impress (for Linux). Libre Office Impress has an option that export pps files to swf, but I need an add-in that offers buttons for Next/Previous Slide, Play/Stop. I exported a file to swf using Impress but it hasn't. Not able to use mendeley plugin in Libreoffice. Asked 2020-12-11 17:42:04 +0100. Raghu.chundawat 1.

3. In Extension Manager dialog, click Add....

4. In the Add Extension(s) dialogue, find the extension file for LibreOffice (OXT file type).

5. Select the extension and click Open to begin installation.

If this extension it is already installed, you'll be prompted to press OK to confirm you want to overwrite the current version with the new one (select Cancel to stop the installation).

6. If you have system administrator rights, you will be asked whether to install the extension only for yourself or for all users. Select the appropriate choice. If you choose Only for me option, the extension will only be stored in your user profile. If you choose For all users, the extension is installed in the LibreOffice installation directory. If you are unsure or do not have admininstrator rights, choose Only for me.

7. verify the extension license agreement. Use Scroll down button to read the license agreement. At the end of license text, the Accept button will be enabled.

8. Click Accept to proceed the installation. After the installation, the extension will appear in the list of installed extensions.

9. To complete the procedure, click Close and close LibreOffice, including quickstarter (if enabled, it appears on the right corner of the program bar and can be closed with the right mouse button).

Libreoffice firefox addon

10. The next time you open LibreOffice, the extension should be ready for use.


- The OXT file type is linked to LibreOffice. Double clicking on the OXT file opens the Extension Manager and starts the installation.

- You can get more extensions by clicking on the Extension Manager dialogue and Get more extensions online. link.

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Environment gallery

Environment gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.



This extension provides elements to draw event-driven process chains.


This extension contains some tools for professional preparation of documents for publication that are not yet available in LibreOffice Writer. It can also be useful for advanced users who wa


Espanol para Venezuela Spellchecker

La mejor opción para verificar y corregir la gramática de tus documentos de LibreOffice escritos en español. La extensión incluye: Corrector Ortográfico, Tesauro de Sinónimos y Separación Silábica. ¡Hecho en Venezuela!

Esperanto Spellchecker

This oxt extension package for LibreOffice 5.2+ provides dictionaries for spelling, thesaurus, and hyphenation for Esperanto.

Best libreoffice addons

Esperanto Verda

This is a simple template for Esperanto conferences

Etiketten - Labels

Abmessung der Beschriftungskärtchen: 59 x 21 mm Diese Mappe hilft bei der Erstellung von Beschriftungen für (in Deutschland) handelsübliche Hängeregister. Dimensions of labels: 59 x 21 mm This sheet helps you to create lables for common labels (in Germ

Etiquetas PIMACO

(en) Lablels dimesions for PIMACO label manufacturer
(pt) Parametros de configuração para etiquetas PIMACO

Event Ticket Template

The event ticket template manages an event like a single most vital element. The given tickets make things move in proper way by directing the participants into proper channel.


Multiple-Choice, and True/False Tests Examen de completación, selección y verdadero y falso.

Expenses and Income Template

This is an old but working template that can be used to track your expenses/income on a daily basis. Each week is on its own sheet and you get a sheet that gives an overview and montly average for any range of weeks you want. It is a bit complex and it

Export As Images

Export all the Impress slides or Draw pages as images of JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SVG and TIFF format.


Export Freemind

Export Header levels 1 - 10 as Freemind file.

Libreoffice adding page numbers

Extract embedded images and replace embedded images with linked images: PicExtract

Extract embedded images and replace embedded images with linked images.


Factur-X Invoice Generator

This extension provides a Python macro that allows to generate a Factur-X invoice (Minimum profile) with LibreOffice Calc. A Factur-X invoice is a PDF invoice with an embedded XML file in Cross Industry Invoice (CII) format. The generated invoices are

Fahrzeug - Selbstkostenrechnung

Ein Tabellenkalkulationsblatt zur vereinfachten Berechnung der Fahrzeugselbstkosten für Frachtfüherer.


Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Family Address Book

Store important family information and generate reports such as upcoming birthdays or contact information. Export birthdays and anniversaries to a shared google calendar.

Family Birthday List

Store family information including birthdays, anniversaries, and contact informationin an easy-to-use spreadsheet


Family Picnic Flyer Template

Addon Libreoffice Impress

Family Picnic Flyer

Family tree - Porodicno stablo

Family tree form.

Fancy 3D star

Net of a fancy 3D star for paper folding and its drawing program.

Libreoffice Addon

Fancy Window Frame

A presentation template featuring a blue window frame.

Faroese Spellchecker

Faroese spelling dictionary for LibreOffice


OOFarvOrd er en portering af det populære program FarvOrd.

Fattura artigiani commercianti e piccole imprese

fattura artigiani commercianti e piccole imprese, invoice artisans traders and small businesses

fax cover

Libreoffice Add-ons

simple, generic fax cover

Fax Cover (Professional)

A professional Fax cover sheet with FOUO statement



fbtools (oryginally known as OOoFBTools) is an Open/Libre Office extension for converting and processing eBooks in FictionBook2 format with validator.


Fenster-Brief-DL.ott - Deutscher Fensterbrief 'DIN lang' - DIN-A4-Blatt gefaltet für Fenster-Umschlag 110 mm × 220 mm - (en: German Letter)

Libreoffice Add Ins

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