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The grade 'W' is not computed into a student's GPA.

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Financial & Registration Holds

If students have any type of financial or registration hold but still wish to withdraw from a course they must submit the completed Drop/Add/Withdraw Form to the Office of the Registrar.

All drop and withdraw deadines apply.

Military Deployment

All active duty military students who are unable to complete course requirements due to change in employment duties, work schedule or deployment to a duty assignment may be administratively withdrawn from current semester courses. Students are required to furnish a copy of their military orders to the Office of the University Registrar. Upon receipt of the copy of military orders, the student will be withdrawn from all courses and refund of tuition will be processed and returned.


Withdrawal from classes occurs after the deadline to drop classes has passed. Students who withdraw through the 10th week of classes are encouraged to contact their instructor, advisor, and financial aid counselor to discuss the implications of withdrawing.

After the first 11 calendar days of the semester and through the end of the 10th week of a regular (Fall/Spring) semester, a student may withdraw from any course with a grade of 'W' assigned. Please refer to www.odu.edu/registrar and click on the link to 'Calendars' for the dates to withdraw from classes in non-semester-long classes. A grade of W will be assigned during this period.

Course withdrawal may adversely impact satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes and may limit the student's ability to continue receiving financial aid.

How to Withdraw

During Withdrawal Period - No Permission Needed

During this withdraw period, no instructor signature is required and the withdrawal may usually be accomplished via LEO Online, or by submitting a completed Drop/Add/Withdraw Form to the Office of the Registrar.

Students who withdraw from classes by any method should verify the withdrawal in LEO Online by viewing the Registration Status in the Summary tab of XE Registration-->Register for Classes.

After Withdrawal Period - Permission Needed

Withdrawal from a course after the 10th week of a regular session (or its equivalent in a nonsemester course) is usually not permitted. However, in the event of an illness or other severe hardship beyond the student's control, the student should submit, no later than the last day of classes, a written petition for permission to withdraw (Request for Exception -- Permission to Withdraw After Midterm) to the instructor and the chair of the department offering the course.

If permission is granted by both, the student will be withdrawn with a grade of 'W' when the form is presented to the Office of the University Registrar. If permission is not granted by both, the student will not be allowed to withdraw from the course. Any appeal of decisions should be brought to the Dean of the college offering the course.

The Request for Exception must be submitted by the last day of classes for a term.

Unofficial Withdrawal

A student who stops attending classes without officially withdrawing will receive a grade of 'WF' except if the student's performance was an F at the time the student stopped attending class, in which case a grade of 'F' will be assigned.

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The grade of 'WF' will carry no points, but will be computed in the student's grade point average.

Non-attendance does not relieve students of the financial responsibility for tuition charges after they are registered for a class. The University does not drop students for non-attendance or non-payment of tuition.

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A plan that lays out your courses for the majors in semester by semester format.

Three people have been shot after a young girl brought a gun to her school and opened fire.

The girl was in a school hallway on Thursday morning when she pulled a handgun from her backpack and fired multiple rounds at Rigby Middle School in Idaho.

Two people were hit inside before she went outside and injured a third.

The student - who in sixth-grade and aged 11 or 12 - was disarmed by a teacher who held her until police arrived.

Student Yandel Rodriguez, 12, said: 'Me and my classmate were just in class with our teacher - we were doing work - and then all of a sudden, there was a loud noise and then there were two more loud noises.

'Then there was screaming. Our teacher went to check it out, and he found blood.'

The three victims - two students and a member of staff - are expected to survive.

More on Idaho

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The girl, who has not been named and is from nearby Idaho Falls, is in custody.

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It is unclear where she got the gun and why she shot at people, said Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson.

'We don't have a lot of details at this time of 'why' - that is being investigated,' he added. 'We're following all leads.'

Jefferson County Prosecutor Mark Taylor said decisions about criminal charges will not be made until after the investigation, but they could include three counts of attempted murder.


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The school shooting appears to be only the second in Idaho: in 1999 a high school student in Notus fired a gun several times, with one student injured by ricocheting debris.