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Civ 6 Loyalty Discount

Civ 6 fastest culture victory. The Statue of Liberty wonder makes all owned cities within six tiles always at 100 loyalty. The Colosseum wonder offers amenities as well as direct loyalty, so it can make city flipping in its area a fair bit tougher, if still generally manageable. A few weeks ago, I caught you up to speed with everything we knew about the upcoming expansion for Civilization VI.The expansion is titled Civilization VI: Rise and Fall and since the last post there has been a lot of additional information for us to go over including two new civilizations, so let’s get started. Also, as someone on reddit pointed out, Statue of Liberty is a liability. If an AI builds it, conquer that city. It and all nearby cities you conquer will then remain 100% loyal thanks to Statue.

Civ 6 Loyalty


Under 4
4-12 Years
FERRY FEE:$0$12$23.50$18
PEDESTAL ACCESS: * $0+ $0.30+ $0.30+ $0.30
CROWN ACCESS: **Restricted+ $0.30+ $0.30+ $0.30
RANGER TOURS:IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
AUDIO TOURS:IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
ELLIS HOSPITAL TOURS: ***RestrictedRestricted+ $45+ $45

*Reservations are recommended. Pedestal tickets are subject to availability on a first come basis located at the ticket office. 'Pedestal Access' and 'Last entrance to the Pedestal at _:__' are printed on a reserved tickets.
**Reservations are required. Pedestal access is included. Crown tickets are subject to availability and can be upwards of four-six months for advance purchase. 'Reserve & Crown UA' and 'Last entrance to the Crown at _:__' are printed on a reserved tickets.
*** Hard Hat Tours of the hospitals on the South Side of Ellis Island are open only to visitors over the age of 13. Tickets for the South Side Hard Hat tours are subject to availability.